Skullknight.NET Podcast: Episode 2

I'm a fan of Skullkast as well. It's got a nice ring to it. Couple potential topics:

Based on the series themes of Causality vs. Free Will, and Personal Ambition vs. Personal Relationships, where do see the series headed in the far off future beyond Elfhelm?

Since the Eclipse, has there ever been a plot turn that's completely blindsided you?
I now have something interesting to listen to except music while doing my OrbiTrek exercises.

Thank you SK staff! :iva:

Ok so I just listened to it. I don't get all the hate on Aria and Blood and Guts. Sure Aria isn't as good as SIGN, which is a masterpiece imo, but it's still awesome, what more can you expect? Hirasawa can't always make masterpieces, everyone's skill is limited. And as for the OST, it wasn't who knows all that great, but it was good. The same thing I said for Hirasawa goes to Sagisu too, do you know how many tracks he composed? The second OST of Bleach sucked, but the others were amazing, so he is a great composer but that has limited capacity and can't always have great ideas, and I heard what you said about Blood and Guts, that theme ( the 2nd version, closing credits) is one of my favorites for this movie's OST, probably the best Sagisu did with Berserk along with Avant la Tempete ( Griffith's Dream, Semper Invicta and Wrath of God were made by someone else, but they weren't as good as the other two imo, they were pretty close though, with the exception of Semper Invicta )
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