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Episode 64: The Return of Berserk [News] (47 min)

Berserk is back! And ... monthly? We discuss what this means for the future and how our community reacted to the big news. Stick around until the end where we all try to summarize Berserk in under 1 min (or 7 seconds).

Guest starring: Gobolatula and Grail!

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What a hilarious start :ganishka: Being french myself, it makes this impersonation even funnier to me.

How much time in the story Roderick have before leaving the group ? Do you see a good timing ?
I'd love him to stay but he's seems to be more of a supporting character than anything else.
Gobs!!! That was great at the start! That French expression I remember from Home Alone. Good to hear you and Grail back on the podcast.

Cool podcast, thanks guys and the flow was pretty good. Nice question at the end Walter. Grail - you get my vote for the best answer ^_^. I lost it when Aaz said "the angrier he gets ..." and "he had a hard time" :ganishka:

Massive thanks to puella for those translations and the next/ future projects are equally exciting. The past few months have been pretty exciting times for us Berserk fans thanks to her and the re-read podcasts.
Lmfao this podcast was too much :ganishka:

I was told about the many untranslated interviews but i did NOT know that they were THAT long. I hope that one day all the good interviews are translated.

Looking forward to the next episode and your thoughts on it in the next podcast!!!! :ubik: :ubik:
Really cool to hear your thoughts on the news.
It's too bad the read-through has to be postponed, but this is the best reason for it to happen. You guys always point out stuff I miss. :ganishka:

Whether we get a Falconia or Boat episode, I can't wait.
Well damn, if I'd known Gobs could replace me like that I wouldn't have bothered coming on! :iva:
Especially sorry I missed this one, though at least I can still enjoy Gob's impressions. Also, had Aaz followed suit above it could heen five Ganishka emots in a row! :ganishka:
Griffith said:
Especially sorry I missed this one, though at least I can still enjoy Gob's impressions. Also, had Aaz followed suit above it could heen five Ganishka emots in a row! :ganishka:

I'm more of an Ivalera guy. :iva:
As always, it was a great (surprise) treat to be on the podcast yesterday. Thanks for inviting us on, Walter! While we were discussing Puella’s future translation projects, I neglected to mention how much I’m looking forward to her starting on Futatabi in particular. I think it's a pretty unusual sci-fi story, and is a bit different from what I think many fans will be expecting. I'm excited to see people's reactions to it! :guts:
Thank you for another great podcast, I loved hearing from everyone and what they thought might be coming up for episode 338. I like the idea of doing a re-read of older volumes every other podcast, I enjoy when all of you have more time to discuss it rather then rushing if you don't have the time. The Berserk in one minute was great! Thanks again for taking the time to make these, I look forward to listening and it helps me appreciate Berserk more.
Enjoyed the podcast! :guts: I missed having Griffith's take on things, but it was really fun getting to hear from Grail and Gobolatula. Thanks, y'all! Lovin that new face on your bikini chick, too, Grail! :ganishka:
Sorry about the delay -- some technical difficulties and real-life conflicts have kept the latest podcast from coming in on time. But rest assured, it's been recorded and should be up either today or tomorrow, depending on how my work schedule goes.