Thanksgiving 2012


I'll be back.
Have a great thanksgiving dinner for all those that celebrate it. Enjoy the food, and company if your family.
Thanks skull for being the best forum I belong to.


Feel the funk blast
Thanks Branded, same to you!

Right now, Gobs and I are kicking back and enjoying the Godfather movies on AMC (
:mozgus:). Not sure what turkey day has to do with mobsters, but it's a nice excuse to see those movies again. :ganishka: I'm looking forward to getting my nog on a little later!
Happy Thanksgiving guys! I was invited by my pal and his Mom to come over for dinner and we watched the Jets vs New England something, what a fun game. My pal grilled pork belly and we didn't eat turkey. I've had turkey in traditional Thanksgiving style and think it's too dry, honestly not fond of it but I'm willing to try and give it more chances!

By the end of the meal I was too full to eat two Filipino deserts but right before I managed to squeeze in a butter pecan pie (never had one before), whipped cream and it was YUMMMMM~

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