I was thinking about the characters who appear occasionally (or one time in the case of Theresa) but are still fairly significant. What do you think their roles will be as Berserk comes closer to a conclusion? I don't mean the big omnipotent ones like Skull Knight and Void either. The ones that come to mind are Rickert, Erica, Silatt, Theresa, Mule, and Sonja. I realize Theresa's promise of revenge may not have been well thought out by Miura at the time, but it is still open. :p The few important apostles could also be included for good measure. I believe there may be some history between Silatt and Rakshas (hints in 185?) that could lead somewhere as Griffith moves onward.

Any other thoughts of wild speculation?


I believe that Rickert and Mule will probably play a very larger role in the future. Also we've found that Silatt's role has already grown.

As for Silatt and Rakshas, I believe that its only oral knowledge, or Silatt heard of Rakshas being exiled from Kushan but never knew each other personally.

There *is* the possiblilty of Theresa secretly following Guts but I doubt it: Theresa was sheltered her whole life, she's never been outside her room, much less her father's castle.

I don't remember Sonja :p


I've always thought Mule or Rickert may be the king of midland after Griffith.
Rakshas is very strange character who may be the one who goes against Griffith,I doubt.
Theresia! :eek:
I imagine Theresia and Guts' accidental encounter. She is no more what she was. She is a strong woman now. female fighter? or a prostitute? or a man's wife and mother of 4 children?
two possibilities about her revenge on Guts. still remember or completely forget.
whatever Theresia may be, it would be good just because we meet her different figure.
However it doesn't have much possibility. :'(


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I don't think that we will see Theresia ever again, Her rage towards Guts was one of the things that did give her the strenght to go on but, like Jill, she is a chapter closed now.


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have you ever think that her hate towards guts could have made her transform into an apostle ? summon the godhand, thus being able to acomplish her revenge ...
imagine the face of guts meeting theresia-apostle :eek:

i would like seing rickert again with griffith's army, and especially the Mule , or perhaps he could try to meet raban charlotte and all to act by himself, though guts has told him to stay away...go rickert !


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I really dont think theres significance of Theresia's hate towards Guts, other than the fact that Guts actions drove her to such a hatred. Its just Miura's little way of saying: "Guts changes people" in my opinion...


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i suppose you're right,
guts change people, as he changes Jill, isn't it ?
the fact is that Jill and Theresia don't have same behavior, but at last, like you said, i'd say that despite their changes, they're not going to shake the world ( they'll limit to their restrictive worlds, in both cases... )
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