WIP: Commisioned Zodd modelkit


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
Hey, Joa!

Good stuff so far, from the link!! I love the kit and the scene it was pulled out from... I'm really interested to see how it will turn out. Please post some pictures or let us know when you've updated the thread :badbone:
grendelrt said:
Looking awesome Joa! I cant wait to see what you do with my kit :isidro:

You're gonna be one blessed Berserk collector, when Joa's done with it. I guarantee it.



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Skullgrin140 said:
Sorry, I didnt realise it was a kit, to me it just looks like a bust

Which did you skip? the title of the thread or the pics?

But I digress,
I'm gonna have to spend some more time on that board. Some cool work there.
Joa said:
Enjoy the process: Zodd WIP thread  :zodd:

Can't wait to see what you do with it, Joa! I've really enjoyed what you've done in the past, and I'm sure that many here will agree that it's pretty cool following your work as it progresses. I'll be checking that thread consistently. :serpico:
Thanks for all the nice words =)
I take it I was spot on with the skin tone as noone has objected to it ;P

No update in the thread yet, but I'd like a few inputs...

I already asked the commisioner about this (no reply yet, though), but I'd appreciate som more thoughts on the matter.

the armor - worn, rusty and such or polished? (I'd go for the first one; pretty much like the Guts helmet I did, but grittier)
the cleaver handle and the belt buckle + cape fastener - gold, silver, bronze.. or what?
The chains across his chest - steel, gun metal, worn/torn iron like (anchor looking) or.. ?
the hair - black, brown, what?
the fur cape - black, brown, what?
the boots - black, brown, what?

All inputs are welcome! =)


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Since this is a thread based on another thread, a "little" discussion on the color choices could be allowed, no? your call. I'll delete the rest of this if you don't like it, and not make assumptions on things we don't know.

However I feel a definite is black hair.
As for the rest, I'd focus on a worn look. But the level of that is up to the commisioner. Ultimately what he says, goes.

Ko Ninja

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I am anticipating this kit more than any of the statues I've gotten from Art of War.  I'm very lucky that Joa took on the commission (I really REALLY dig all his work and craftsmanship).  This guy really knows how to put some heart and soul into a kit.  As for the color schemes, go ahead and PM him your opinions, lots of input from different perspectives is always a good thing to me.  Besides, it may give me more ideas!
This :zodd: makes me  :guts: !

PS:  Maybe you can get Joa to take enough pictures to make a 3D version to put on a shelf, grendelrt    :serpico:
CnC said:
Since this is a thread based on another thread, a "little" discussion on the color choices could be allowed, no?

After I posted I thought this one through and you're absolutely right.. ;P
And I so dig your *bust response* ;)

So keep it coming folks, give me enough input to make Ko Ninja's Zodd even more bad a$$.... ;)
Small update...

Today, I thought I was going to spend some time on painting the metals (armor, chains and whatnot), but I ended up doing more prework for the base clearing out a few details with the Dr + sculpting the eye picking crow for one of the corpses on the base:


Feel free to view the manga scan from where the idea came...

More to come...  :guts:
Done today (after having come home at 10pm after inventory at work  :puck: ):
-sculpting in the feathery parts of the feet/legs +priming the crow.
-building this little piece of hardware to go with the rest of the swords, shields etc scattered around the battlefield.. ehm, base I mean:


It was done really quick with some spare wood and brass I had in my stash.
The butt (?) will be slightly modified tomorrow since I want it to be slimmer towards the rear.

More to come...  :guts:
Excellent work, as usual, Joa! The detail on the eye in the crow's mouth is very good for how small it is, and the crow looks pretty cool, too. :serpico:


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I really like those feathers.

And I like how the paint is worn on the part of the crossbow where the string rubs against the wood.
docster said:
ot: are you planing to sell it at uppcon for a small amount?  ;)

I believe Ko_Ninja would be really, really mad if I'd do something like that... ^^´
For the swedes about: He'll be on display (along with my Casca) at IPMS OPEN at Skytteholmsskolan in Solna 1st through 2nd of april...  :guts:
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