Zodd = Gaeseric ?

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Spike said:
Is it just me or does Gaiseric's helmet look like a composition of both Skull Knights helmet / face, and Zodd's face? Spooky...What if instead of only Skull Knight becoming a member of the Godhand, he never actually did, and he and Zodd have fought over the privledge for the last 1000 years? Whomever kills the other gets to become an actual part of the Godhand...until then, they're both pseudo-Godhand, pseudo-Apostles? :-X Oh yeah, is there an actual timeline with specific dates that anyone knows about?
I never noticed until I read this post, but what happens if you put Gaeseric's skull mask on Zodd's face? Maybe I'm crazy. They seem to have similar hair, not that means anything. But the beast on Gaeseric's mask does kinda resemble Zodd's apostle form. Maybe Gaeseric isn't the Skullknight we all know and love, but rather Zodd? Oh I'm gonna get flamed for this one.



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Re:Who is Zodd?

I don't think it's possible for both Zodd and Skully to exist as seperate entities at the same time. Zodd had this reputation for looking for the 'ultimate strong one' for three hundred years, prowling the battlefields, til he met Guts and Griffith back in the old Taka No Dan ' Nosferatu Zodd' chapter.

That hair on King Gaiseric could be some kind decoration like the feathers on an Aztec headdress.

Interesting though...never thought about that comparison.

Re:Who is Zodd?

Zodds Chest emblem:

It looks pretty close to me

and that second Gaeseric picture doesnt even show the skull, just the lion face.....
Re:Who is Zodd?

very interesting if Zodd was actually Gaiseric... but i m quite sure his reputaton will spread past 1000 years rather than just 300....

As to who is Sullknight, i can only tell he is very likely the first owner of Guts new armor
Re:Who is Zodd?

I thought of it some time ago but I concluded that there is not enough evidence to make a safe speculation and even that clues were making contradictions about any theory. Yes, it is possible as everything is but we can't for now just tell what the answer is. It may be possible even that Gaiserick, was still another guy, someone that doesn't have to do much with the skullknight and zodd identities. I think Miura does this on purpose to keep all this speculation suspence going about the stories' mysteries plus it remains a wild card if the plot hasn't been monitored by Miura himself at points.


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It's eerie.
I see ressemblances with both Skullknight and Zoddo,
points to Zoddo : hair ; lion face ; demonic head statue...
points to SK : skulln ; the girl on Gaiseric's horse and Gaiseric's right knee seems the same as on SK"s horse (Flora?) and SK's girl seems to have wings similar to the strange Creature on Gaiseric's armor ; armor when considering shoulders and gauntelts(:/) ; ivy and pattern on Gaiseric's helmet are quite identic to thorn ivy and rose on SK's shield and that same thorn ivy seeable on his blade

Then 2 things make me wondering : the indian-like prayer on Gai's horse under the girl and the fact as LG noticed Gai's hair could be some wig aztec-like since the animal with wings on his armor seems quite aztec too...

Well ?^^?


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indeed there are alot of similaritys, and just because someone has become known in 300 years doesn't mean they didn't exsist long before then.


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He's directly given us clues that Skullknight was Gasearic.
I doubt he's purposely misleading us, to change it later.
krunkster said:
He's directly given us clues that Skullknight was Gasearic.
Are you sure about this? A thousand years ago a lot could have happened mith more than just one person involved. Skullknight was involved, as Gaiserick but that doesn't necessarilly mean that Skullknight has to be every person in the story. Look at the present story to see what I mean: you have Griffith, Ganishka, Guts, Shielke, Flora... which are not the same persons. If Berserk was something small with a small plot also then you would have a big point. But Berserk seems to be a hell of a big medieval opera.
It's true that in the first Sagas we have only Skullknight's figuure and Gaiserick to fold the biggest mystery so we are tempted to connect those persons, but now at chapter 231 well I ain't that sure.


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xechnao said:
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Then why Slann called him "king" ?

I'd also like to know why Zodd isn't called Gaiseric anymore, because while we don't know SK's name, Nosferatu Zodd could have kept his Nosferatu Gaiseric name, or maybe Zodd's more catchy ?
Mizar said:
Nope, it's King.
So, this could be a clue about Skullknight being Gaiserick but also a clue of Slann being older than 1000 years if we think like this all the way.
What can I say? It indeed is some strong indication showing that most propably Skullknight fits to be Gaiserick. We will find out sooner or later I hope, exactly.


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Slan doesn't have to be 1000+ years old to know Skully was Gaseric. Its not like the Godhand are swamped, and over 200 years, they probably get to talking, especialy about the guy who dropped in on the eclipse and ran of with some sacrifices.
Majin Tenshi said:
Slan doesn't have to be 1000+ years old to know Skully was Gaseric. Its not like the Godhand are swamped, and over 200 years, they probably get to talking, especialy about the guy who dropped in on the eclipse and ran of with some sacrifices.
Hmmm, maybe , maybe not.
If she first personally met and knew him from when he was a spectre most propablly would have name him ghost or spectre or something else. Then again he may hale called him spectre king as for his crown. Again in a theory of mine about the figure of death, if you read it you may imagine that Slann was naming him after the sense king figure of death.
Anyway still best chance for now is that Skullknight is Gaiserick. Hopefully we will find some day the truth.
Majin Tenshi said:
perhaps you should look at Zodd's monologue (the one just before his horn was lopped off) before you make any assumptions
Hmm, he does say for 300 years, indicating he isn't old enough to be Gaiseric, probably. But I do find the linking of imagery to be interesting, and I don't think its necessarily a coincidence.
Kart said:
King could be a title mocking him, like King of the dead, since he is pretty dead.

I doubt so... I believe he is Gaiseric, especially when Guts remember him after Charlotte told him the history of the rebirth tower...


i will tell everybody~~~~zoddo and skullknight was a same one~~~a same person(maybe) :D he name was King of Gaeseric

and maybe because some reason, he change to be two different thing~~~~ maybe zoddo was first apostle~~~ ::)
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