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Headless Death:
I have had this as a discussion before with a couple friends, and they immediately think that Guts must be special in someway.  Which fits into the "Hero's journey" archetype.  For example Harry Potter was the son of respected wizard, or Luke was the son of the greatest Jedi.  So with this line of thinking, Guts could be special by having a blood relation with a notable character, or royal blood, or in the case of fantasy maybe special strength granted through some sort of mixed birth(Like the part demon/devil that likes to appear so much in anime).

In my opinion, the needs to be special doesn't fit for Guts.  I feel the power of the story pushes Guts to be of Mundane Roots, but with the overall push to show that he is a survivor.  He was born to the death of his mother hanging from a tree.  Abandoned by all, but survives to see another day thanks to Shisu.  Had rough childhood where he was taught to survive or die by Gambino.  Each step of his life demonstrating the strength of the will to survive despite "only being human" or despite unwelcoming odds.  His growth as a character shifts the focus of not just self preservation(Early life), but ensuring the survival of others(OG BoTF, and current traveling party) through his will and resolve breaking beyond the norm of what should be possible with only having mundane roots and manifesting into his many extraordinary feats.

With that in mind, I think that the story has it all wrapped up on his Lineage.  I think he was born to a common woman, maybe hung for being suspected as a heretic, and then taken in by Shisu and Gambino.  I think anything beyond that is likely to be irrelevant.

Just wanted to get an idea of what the thoughts of other readers were on the topic.

I've seen such ideas as well, but don't think you'll get much argument here on the matter.

I think theories that postulate Guts being "special" to explain his strength, survival abilities, etc. are completely missing the point of the series Guts achieved these monumental feats despite being "merely" a human, facing opponents who have given everything that mattered to them to become inhuman. Making Guts "special" through lineage would dilute all that he has suffered through to become who he is.

And that's merely my thematic explanation for why Guts is not "special." What about the matter of evidence for such a theory? It simply does not exist. Guts' origins are touched on exactly once in the series, and the focus of that scene is not a matter of his parentage, it was his incredible tenacity, even in birth. Beyond that point, parentage for Guts comes in adoptive forms, and his bloodline relatives are never mentioned. If Miura wanted readers to be curious about those things, he has had nearly 30 years of opportunities to drop hints and allude to possibilities beyond the obvious. Yet, there is simply nothing there.

The story makes it pretty clear that Guts was born normal and only became the powerhouse he is through a life of hardships and perseverance. And really, this is basically Berserk's central theme. A "mere man" standing up against supernatural monsters through the sheer power of his will...  and his brawn.

Guts does kind of fit in to the Monomyth archetype, he's a mercenary through tradgic circumstance loses his friends and becomes cursed, and he goes on a journey of revenge, it's not a call to adventure, but it is a journey, and I suppose SK is his mentor stand in.

About Guts lineage, Guts' dad may have been a mercenary who raped his mother, or perhaps his Parents were normal and his warrior genes were dormant unitil they were passed down to Guts (That's not how genetics works MrFlibble). I don't think it matters, Berserk is a very tight story, and we're only shown what needs to be shown, I wonder about who Griffiths parents were too, but actually seeing these characters would take away from the idea of Guts and Griffith coming from nothing.

Well, so far it's unanimous. :guts:

Yeah, humble origins are the way to go with the big guy; he's extraordinary by his own means, not any sort of lineage or predestiny, which perfectly fits his character, makeup and the story's broader themes as they relate to him, as just about everyone has pointed out. So, Miura shouldn't fuck him up like some Jon Snow... on the other hand, he is a Star Wars fan, so maybe he won't be able to resist the pull of "legitimizing" Guts with some kind if impressive background that explains his physical prowess if nothing else. He doesn't have to be Skully's and Flora's secret lovechild (actually Griff makes more sense for Gaiseric blood) to simply have a biological father or mother that were more than average, but if I had to guess I'd assume they'll remain anonymous; for better or worse Shisu and Gambino are Guts' parents.

Or he's an EFL! :puck: :troll:


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