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Hello fellow Berserk fans and collectors!

I've been working on a website dedicated to Berserk statues and kits for the past few months and I think it's finally ready to go public =).

The link is naturally:

Currently, on the site I have 4 main sections:
1. pre-painted statues (Art of War)
2. completed kits (both mine and friends')
3. unpainted kits
4. other

Additional sections include:
1. faq
2. links

Please take your time and browse through the page.  If you have anything to say, feel free to click on the "comment" links below each set of pictures to leave a little message.

Or, you can simply discuss in this thread. =)

I hope this website can serve as a good reference for all those Berserk collectors looking to expand their collection or for all those that are trying to sell a part of their collection.  All the "estimated value" and "limitation" numbers are based solely on my experience and knowledge that I've gained during the past 4-5 years of Berserk collecting.  They are as accurate as I can make them, but of course, if you have any discrepancies, please email or PM me.  I'm no God, just a maniac in love with Berserk statues. =P

Also, if you own any completed Berserk kits, please email me pictures and I will be more than happy to add them to the site.

Lastly, feel free to save any of the pictures on the site to your hard drive.  You can even direct link them.  However, please don't edit them and remove the "" logo.  It took me days to photograph all of them and I want people to be able to visit the site if they see one of the pictures elsewhere.

(On a side note: If you really enjoy the pictures and want to make wallpapers of them, I think that'll be really neat!  In this case, for higher resolution pictures, email or PM me. =)  I'll also add your wallpaper to the site so other Berserk fans can download and use them on their desktop.)

I'm very honored that my website can be an official partner of has provided me with so much insight and Berserk information the past several years, I'm glad I have a chance to help contribute back in the best way I know how... BERSERK COLLECTING =)

 :o  Fantastic.  That's really all I can say.

Wicked site. Great pictures and great music.

..and that Slan statue is really sexy.

That's an awesome site. Nice pictures, good music. Great job  ;D

Holy crap that Beherit musicbox is sooo sexy. I need to get me one of those. I need it!!!


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