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Hey everybody,
I've been checking this site for a while, and I finally registered recently. I love everything about Berserk, and when I have free time I like to take my favorite manga panels and try to recreate them with pencil. I'd love to know what people think, but I'm not sure how to post my art. I have them all scanned and ready to go if someone could tell me how to get them on here.
Thanks a lot!


--- Quote from: Berserk_Fanatic on May 06, 2006, 05:10:19 PM ---Hey everybody
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Hey there Berserk_Fanatic, welcome to! :guts:

To be able to post your work in here you have to host it somewhere on the Internet first, then all you will have to do is to link the image here. Various sites propose this service for free, like or Lastly, on behalf of Lithrael I invite you to host your Berserk related fanart in her Coppermine image gallery.

Thank you!! I'll get on it in my next free minute!

updated with some new resources, regarding the color wheel/color theory

Hm, I just noticed a possible problem with the color wheel links.  The tutorial has the CW for the light spectrum while the 'scheme generator has the CW for the paint spectrum.  Not really sure if it matters, but might be useful info for the easily confused.

P.S.:  Sorry I've been away so long.  I've had zero time with summer art classes.  I'll post more tomorrow.


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