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    Puck, Rebirth, and Elfheim's Ruler

    Sure he is, remember the beginning of volume 17 ;D
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    Favourite Anime

    Well, I'm italian and in Italy Trigun manga is going out in these months :) About fist of the North star, it's pretty old and here some local TVs put it on 1 or 2 times for year, so I could see it many times without buy any vhs or similar ;D And about excel saga, if you like nonsense, this is...
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    Favourite Anime

    Mine are: Evangelion Cowboy Bebop Excel Saga Fist of the North Star (not sure english title is written like that :P) Trigun (but manga is far better) Berserk (same as above)
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    Episode 232

    hmmm, we can't be sure about Rakshas being an apostle, but the fact he is a New Band of the Hawk commander makes me believe he is. If your "not apostle" theory is based on his words joining griffith's army, I don't agree: in my opinion, he says that just not to be banal as the other apostles...
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    Episode 232

    Actually, that was not flaming. It was witty sarcasm, flaming is different. Don't become paranoic ;) According to the last picture of 231 and the preview one (which reminds me of that with the opening punches) it's 99% Rakshas. I can't wait to see him fighting too, I'm wondering how strong...
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    ARGH!!!! Censorship!!!

    I always thought the "romanization" of our hero's name was "GA"+"T"(little tsu)+"TSU", so i thought it should be written G-a-t-t-s-u. But if you consider how the name sounds, to pronounce it correctly in english it has to be written Guts. My conclusion is that neither G-a-t-t-s-u nor Guts is...
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    Episode 230

    Re:Chapter 230 Sorry ozmo, but.. where's the third thing you got to say? :) About the 2nd... I think thet now they have other things to worry about ;D Interesting to see that probably there's some kushan wizard, i hope to see him/them soon. It sounds like this (probably) final battle could be...
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    pretty god damn funny!

    The creator of the 2 drawings is a member of an italian forum about berserk. His name is puccio ;) Both of them are amazing, aren't them? ;D
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    That other guy in the pic is Takehiko Inoue (the author of Slam Dunk and Vagabond) or am I wrong?
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    Adopt a Troll!

    wow! that's so great! I'm gonna buy hundreds of these sweet little pets ;D
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    Episode 229

    You can find every kind of reference for everything in berserk. It's very difficult to create something totally original, and when someone tries to do it, it results some hard-understanding thing (remember Ulysses by James Joyce? ;) ). So I think that discussion about the originality of berserk...
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    Episode 229

    So, you mean fire as a purification in the end of life? It can be. In many cultures and religions corpses are burnt, in order to allow the dead man to go in some kind of "heaven". Flora herself says (correct me if I'm wrong ??? I'm not sure) to be guilty of living too long. Ah, and I didn't...
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    Episode 229

    Guys, remember this is a manga, not real life: you can't search for a logical explanation for everything that happens in berserk, particularly after the introduction of magic. And, sorry, but I don't think a small white patch in Guts' hair is enough to say berserk is not original. At least, IMHO.
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    Episode 229

    You guys are great. Thanks Ouji, thanks Walter. And I agree, this episode's drawings are amazing. Wait 'til November 14th will be hard, but I'm sure 230 will be even better.
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    Episode 228

    Tazinaffo, don't question with The Hague, in this forum there's that rule: Olivier Hague is NEVER wrong. So, you should only say: Oh, shit! I've been hagued... :-\ ;D And this spirit, sorry but I really don't see how it could be anyone but Guts ;)
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