Realistic Guts: The Black Swordsman

Colored and did some post-production work to one of my favorite pieces of Berserk fan-art out there. The original is a black & white piece by David Müller. However, I wanted to try my hand at making Guts even more realistic by removing brush strokes whilst preserving the original art, and adding a Berserk logo on top to make it look more like a promotional piece.

For fun, I've also ordered a framed print of the art to see how it will look next to all my Berserk collectibles.

It's also over on my DeviantArt, here:
And here is the original:

I'm thinking of trying my hand at his Griffith as well, to have the pair, of course.


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Re: Photorealistic Guts: The Black Swordsman

I wouldn't call it photorealistic but it looks great. Good job!


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Re: Photorealistic Guts: The Black Swordsman

Looks fantastic. The minimal presentation with the logo also really works in its favor. :ubik:


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Wonderful work, Yummy! I think you really built on the original without taking anything away from it. I like how you worked in some spots of yellow and pink, it definitely helps it feel more fleshed out. :guts:


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This enhances the more washed out aesthetic of the original piece, making everything pop nicely. As far as shading and color palette goes I think you've done an amazing job.
Thanks for all the feedback!! :iva: I actually ordered a print of it to see how it turns out. I'll share for sure when that comes in.

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Are you thinking of doing this to David Muller's Griffith drawing?
Yes! I'm definitely thinking he needs a companion piece. I'm always a fan of series work when it comes to art. A lot of my own artwork I try to do in series form. Griffith will be what I tackle next when I can.
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