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    What race does Guts belong to?

    Grunbeld? He's definately scandanavian (or based off of them). They talk about how he is from the "north," and has flaming red hair, and is a giant (the norsemen had giants in mythology and miura probably knew that). But then again it's a manga we're probably putting to much thought into it...
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    Alistair Crowley and Berserk

    Yeah the satanist known to regularly practice every known sexual perversion (i don't want to mention what those are). He's a douche.
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    Who wants to join the Band of the Hawk?

    Any fool can wield a sword too. I'm not putting down swords and how it takes skill to use them but guns are not easy to learn. It takes skill and alot of shooting to get good like it does with a sword. While some people need to take carful aim at objects, experienced people can hit objects...
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    Who wants to join the Band of the Hawk?

    Guns pwn. However, in this type of situation i would use em only of i needed them to conserve bullets on tough enemies (humans included because there would probably be gangs that kill to get food, supplies, etc). But i would take my wwII American machete (hand forged also), my hand forged...
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    What kind of work out routine does one need to look like Guts?

    No. Please try and stunt your growth cause you'd be the first to definately do it. I think the only way to stunt your growth is if you constantly weight lift, but do it so much that your body doesn't get a chance to rest. (which reverses your work out anyway, because one of the most important...
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    i should of posted this before i went but i have not been on my computer recently. AnimeNext, (its an anime convention) has anyone ever heard of it, i just went to it in Secaucus, NJ? Anybody go to it? It was not as fun as last year but it was still cool.
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    Zodd without Armor, NSFW

    Tch, Gutts is not fighting right. Oh and mine is bigger, like at least five times. . . plus one.
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    Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Solid: 3 Subsitence

    That would be awsome. Or something with Big Boss, i'd rather play as Big Boss. C'mon, he has a frickin eye patch. Well at least your suppose to play as Solid Snake rather than Raiden.
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    More ninja fun

    YES!!! That made no sense.... I love it. Swedish ninjas, classic. Gives me hope because i am Swedish. lmao.
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    Present day characters

    Yes, awsome, why didn't i think of that, especially because i just saw something on the history channel about it. The South American Mercenary band kicks ass there, they make the guerilla armies look like the average soldier that Gutts faces.
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    Zodd's Armor

    Simple; Zodd makes some blacksmith forge his armor. "Sweet" Zodd might say and then go frolick around and destroy things. Then he breaks his armor again turning into an apostle. Zodd feels bad so he goes back to the blacksmith and asks for a new one but the same style. The Blacksmith says "no...
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    Elfhelm idea

    I know but it seems like a possibility to me. Well not for his arm to grow back but for his eye because i don't think he lost his eye i think he still has it but it just does not work.
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    Elfhelm idea

    King Hanafubuku is suppose to have healing powers right? (memory is fuzzy) If he does have healing powers and he does heal casca (or doesn't), he's got to have greater healing powers than Puck. Maybe he can actually heal Guts's right eye and possibly his arm. (wishful thinking maybe) But than...
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    Present day characters

    Gutts would never say that
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    My berserk drawings

    It's good but his legs are too short.
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