Grail makes doodlies?!


Feel the funk blast
Wow, thanks so much guys! To this day, I'm always a bit curious about the reception when putting out something new, but I guess after 8 years(!?) I shouldn't worry quite so much. :slan: In answer to some of your comments...

IncantatioN said:
Is this sketched on paper and scanned or a pen thingie with a tablet??
I do all my comics digitally nowadays, just because it eliminates the extra step of scanning. Though I've got to admit, I have more control when I'm drawing with just a pencil. Maybe one of these days I'll go legit and use ink like you!

Walter said:
Page 3, something about seeing SK with his legs splayed out is just comic genius.
Glad you liked that bit! Skully doesn't seem very flexible, so I take what I can get. :ganishka:

Rhombaad said:
If those eggs are beherits...then that bunny might be... :magni:

Gummyskull said:
...Looks like all the good little children won't be receiving their eggs this year :judo:

All I can say is, don't put all of your beherits in one basket just yet. :griffnotevil:


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Really enjoyed the gag
that SK's beherit vomit exposed his food stealing habits
. :badbone:
Re: Grail's amazing artwork for Patreon donors

Grail put a lot of time and hard work into this piece for me and I'm very pleased to finally be able to unveil it here for everyone!



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Man, that must have taken a lot of work indeed! Compositions like this are extra tough to get right, I think Miura himself could attest to that. Great job on Grail's part here, and congrats to you Rupert, you're lucky to own your very own special Berserk cover.


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I love it. Was this done with oil paint originally? Looks like there's some real texture to the lines.

Got some chills looking at both the shooting star and Falconia shots. Really clever amalgamation of recent events.
Wow, very cool! :badbone: Had fun looking at some of your other comics and doodles, too. The adventures of Skully and Mr. Waffles is really funny and I love the one with Rickert flipping off Griffith, too! :rickert:
I remember shortly after getting into berserk I went on a google image spree. One of my favorite images was a certain skully figure eating a sandwich. I thought it was quite clever and funny. Not until recently did I look and see "Grail" signed on the pic. Good work. :)
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