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FFXII's gameplay was great but the story sucked, so it's definitely not a contender.
The videos I’ve seen of FF12 make it seem kind of an MMO style of combat. Similar to something like xenoblade chronicles. Where you move your character around and select different commands but it’s not as fast paced as a game like the FF7 remake. It didn’t look appealing to me personally. It reminded me to much of combat from a game like world of Warcraft. Maybe that’s a really aweful comparison and I’m gettingnnit wrong? I’ve not actually played it but I’d like to be proven wrong. I enjoyed FF9 for the classic feel. But I also enjoy action RPGs if they’re done to my taste. In terms of gameplay. I agree the story of 9 was nothing to write home about.


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Bloodborne - So last I wrote I was whining about how tough Ludwig was on NG++++ because I couldn't just R1 spam him with my greatsword on the first try, but after a few days knocking out a half a dozen bosses on BL4 I finally came back to this, leveled up the Saw Cleaver (I only ever got it to +6!?), popped a beast pellet and some fire paper and cut that motherfucker down like it twas no thang. BL4 definitely changes the way you play for the better. On that front, up next is the Shadows, I feel much better about my strategy for them, as in I actually have one, but I'm maxing out my weapon, gems and runes as much as possible first just to be sure.

I also have this problem. It doesn't help that there's no logic behind it (lvl 1 doors behind a lvl 4 door). I draw a mini map as I go along, helps a lot.
That's smart, I should really do that now since I basically need to check every door again for the reason you mentioned, but I'm too lazy to be that organized I'm afraid.

Beat Sekiro for the third time. Holy fuck I love this game so much. It's so fun.

But finally, I am Soulsborned out. I've played all of these games to death that I can finally move on for 10 minutes or so.
Why DON'T I feel this way about Sekiro? I thought I was Souls'd out but now I'm playing double Bloodborne essentially and loving it. For the record, my favorites in order are probably Bloodborne, Dark Souls III, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls (it's still the classic, but showing its age and DS3 essentially modernized it), DS2, Nioh... and then Sekiro ahead of knockoffs like Lords of the Fallen or The Surge that I really couldn't get into (anybody played Mortal Shell?). I just never clicked with or enjoyed the combat like those others, whereas Bloodborne somehow raised the skill cap AND was more fun. I'm probably just lazy/suck, but it was really a slog getting through that game, but I did still play NG+.

Also I'd say since 9 but I think that one's appeal was more in the characters/setting/music than story itself or I don't know too late to edit.
Don't even remember FFIX's story...
Something about crystals and an alien race of humans with monkey tails. I would have just stuck to the crystals and classic classes.
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The Witcher 3 is getting a ps5/series s version. Everyone who already owns the game will get a free upgrade. For pc owners as well.

Although I hope that I’ll have finished my witcher play through until then, seeing an improved version will be nice since the game is good looking to begin with.
I think I’ll only watch some footage of it but for those who want to play it (again) it’s a nice move by CD project red.


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Bloodborne - Completed my BL4 run to finally awake from this Soulsborne nightmare... Or follow up with my NG++++ character in the DLC, or maybe do a Bloodborne style DS3 run, at least until the Demon's Souls remake is out!

Actually, I was pretty burnt by the end of this, no more challenges for a while, thank you. Need to get back to and finish MG2 anyway.


Dark Souls III - Was trying to play this like a continuation of BB but couldn't get past the Wall of Lothric before shutting it down. I realise I haven't been able to play/enjoy DS3 since I played BB the first time; the gameplay, lore and visual design are just such a step back (let's switch it and DS1 back on my ranks =). So...

Bloodborne - Now I'm doing NG+, had a fun fight with Vicar Amelia by really trading blows and relying on rally, and replaying the Chalice Dungeons, because, hey, it's like 20 more bosses! The early dungeons are a little too easy for my NG+ Hunter though, maybe I should do them with my BL4 character... :magni:
I finished Suikoden II last Friday. I messed up a couple times on my first playthrough, so I wasn't able to get all 108 Stars of Destiny, but I had a great time with it. I liked it a lot more than Suikoden, and I'm looking forward to playing the next one in the series. I was a little bummed that Luca Blight didn't end up being the main antagonist, but I liked the ending I saw and I'm eager to see the best ending possible one of these days.

I tried playing Sonic Adventure, but it was so damn glitchy I couldn't get through it. Plus, the exploration sections were incredibly boring. The game was gorgeous for its time, but the gameplay wasn't up to Super Mario 64's level, so I stopped playing after the third Action stage. I've heard the second game is better, but we'll see...

Right now, I'm playing Silent Hill, which is strange, because that's what my city looks like right now. My wife and I live in western Washington state, so we're covered in smoke and ash from all the wildfires (hope everyone living in California, Oregon and Washington state is staying safe). I like the game so far, but it's certainly nerve-wracking. I'm exploring the school at the moment, so I'm not too far in.


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Bloodborne - Simultaneously playing NG± and Chalices on PS Now and NG+++ whatever on my disc copy with DLC. I've got 99 Arc on the latter so I can take out the likes of Maria with the Executioner's Gloves, easy peasey, but Laurence was still a pain in the ass. He can basically one shot you at any time, even fully geared for fire, so I brought my old friends Valtr and the Whirligig Saw to even the odds and finished him off spamming A Call Beyond. Man that Saw is so much fun, along with all the other Old Hunter weapons, that DLC is probably one of the best ever made.

After that I did some clean up on the Witches, Logarius, etc. Because I'm at similar points in both games sometimes I forgot what I've already done in one or the other (like I killed the Cainhurst hunter the other night only to find him back the next day, because that was in the other game =). It happened again with Amygdala, and I've basically been taking each boss out twice consecutively. In NG± I took out Moon Presence twice because I teleported out before getting the echoes or credit for the win (it was just as "Nightmare Slain" came up). I go back and he's alive again in there, and I had just best him and Gehrman back to back! Oh well, no problem beating him again, only this time I teleport late and get the end cutscene before I've collected all chunks, etc! So I shut off the game and luckily it didn't move me to NG±±...

I think Kos is all that's left before Gehrman and the Moon Presence in my other game, and I'm thinking maybe I'll go for NG+6 on my full PS4 version and in the PS Now copy my endgame is basically online Chalices on PC; BlooDiablorne.


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I finished Suikoden II last Friday. I messed up a couple times on my first playthrough, so I wasn't able to get all 108 Stars of Destiny, but I had a great time with it. I liked it a lot more than Suikoden, and I'm looking forward to playing the next one in the series. I was a little bummed that Luca Blight didn't end up being the main antagonist, but I liked the ending I saw and I'm eager to see the best ending possible one of these days.
Yea I highly recommend a playthrough with full completion of the 108 stars as well as the endings that come with it. Luca Blight is such a great villain and when I first played the game in the 90's, I had no idea where it ended so that epic confrontation with Luca where you fight him repeatedly with multiple parties, as far as I knew, was the end of the game. One of the most surprising aspects is finding out it's only around halfway done after defeating one the most twisted and evil villains ever, only to have your once best friend take his place. Such a great game, my favorite of all time, and Im glad you enjoyed it man.

Unfortunately, that's the high point for the series. The transition to 3D never added anything to JRPGs, for the most part, imo. To me, those games were never about the graphics. It was always about the story and the characters and the world. Like a classic novel. Every time they tried something new with the fighting systems or the graphics or whatever, it was almost always a detriment. In fact, like a book, the simple 2d sprite graphics and text bubbles from quaint little pictures (not to mention walls of numbered stats and experience points for countless spells, weapons and characters) and a straightforward, yet deeply nuanced and rich turn based combat system not just for party battles, but also one on one duels and big strategy army battles, allowed players to use their imagination to fill in the blanks. Suikoden 2 did this the best imo.

Damn now I want to play an old school RPG. Has anyone tried any of those remakes they have ps4 network? Secret of Mana is up there but I heard the new version kind of sucks.
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Bloodborne - So, I was feeling very zen-like taking on the Orphan today, enjoying the process and the dance to the point I was glad when I lost so I could keep fighting him. This led to a super clean win tonight where I took 1 hit and killed him in 3 just about consecutive visceral attacks, plus a couple of follow up slashes for good measure, in no time at all. Like, by the time I hit him with the 2nd visceral and he finished transforming into his second phase I had already killed him with the third.

Update: I've been happily rushing bosses in NG++++ whatever since that Kos fight, thinking I'm going to do max NG+ and max level my character (I'm about 120 levels away), then after that... another BL4 run maybe? On my PS Now character I finished the fixed story Chalice Dungeons and am now farming gems and echoes. If that oft-rumored remaster ever comes out I'm going to select Cruel Fate as an origin and go for max arcane and vitality, minimum bloodtinge, and 40-50 everything else. I've got a lot of Bloodborne irons in the fire. =)

Mario Maker - I haven't gotten heavy into the level creation yet but am enjoying the pre-packaged levels it comes with. They're almost like Super Mario Bros meets WarioWare: quick, fun and usually based around a clever design gimmick.

Demon's Souls - Had to dip back into these waters to truly see if a $500+ remake is worth it. Started a new character, completed the tutorial, and started exploring. We'll see how far I get, but I kind of don't see the point when I have Bloodborne right there plus Elden Ring and every other future game I want is also coming to PS4 or PC. :shrug:

Mortal Shell - Looks good but feels a little slow and heavy, more like Lords of the Fallen than Souls; not a good sign.

Nioh 2 - It's on sale in the PS Store now for half price. With the character creation feature it's more Souls-like than ever, but they still don't have a control preset that mirrors Souls controls, and seemingly won't even let me change some buttons under the custom setting, like I can't switch the dodge and interact button for reasons unknown. I should probably just get used to it this time. Anyway, feels fast and fluid like the original, which is really the only non FromSoft Souls-like that I put as much time into as the originals. Also, Nioh > Sekiro.
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