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Fatty (why do I look sleepy *dies* x_x), Turkitage, DirectDK - together for the 1st time (maybe we prevented that thunderstorm last night!?). BAM! Much thanks to Turkitage for hanging out and to DirectDK for making it in spite of being unwell and jet-lagged+tired. This was taken at Union Square where we met and yeah, Turk wasn't aware DK was making it, suuhhprised he was ( = mission accomplished) ^_^.
If only I knew where! I failed him *head of shame*. Apologies Turk, next time I'll pop up a list of cool bars and hey, we did drive past Puck's Fair on our way to Times Sq ^_^


IncantatioN said:
This was taken at Union Square where we met and yeah, Turk wasn't aware DK was making it, suuhhprised he was ( = mission accomplished) ^_^.

Thanks for much for showing me around NYC! I had a lot of fun. Thanks Derek for making it out as well despite a very long day for you!


Feel the funk blast
Looks like you guys had fun! In response, I thought I'd post pics from the 3rd annual Skullknighters West Coast Convention™ which just happened to be this past weekend!

Dar Klink and Gobs took the opportunity to pose with Tina Fey (and some lemons).

And a group photo!

Very fun all around. Can't wait till next year!

PS: Branded, you can't see this in the photos, but Gobs was wearing the shirt you gave him the whole time! I would have worn mine, but it was in the wash. :judo:


I'll be back.
Cool, as soon as I'm allowed to travel . I have to make it over there. I don't live that far away. And Gobs, what are you doing wearing a sweatshirt :azan:
Here are some pictures I've drawn. Some good...some not so good.


Cheshire Cat from Alice:Madness Returns

Alice from Alice:Madness Returns (this is my one colored one)

Femto (I honestly love this one)

Ivalera, Judeau and Puck

Griffith and Casca (horrible picture but I can't take another one because its not in my possession)

I'll post more when I draw them. I also paint so I'll put some of them up too.
Spotted getting ice cream and picture request and picture all thanks to DirectDK. As you can evidently tell, I couldn't stop smiling cos it was just cool and random. Asked him about returning for Pacific Rim 2 and he said he would he if was asked to.

Cool man, looks like a good bet to lose. Take another picture right before you shave it off ^ ^. I shave pretty often because of work. In September, two pals and I decided we'd try and go two months without shaving (no touch-ups, etc.) out of curiosity of what it might look like. The last time I shaved was October 01. It's been interesting so far, a bit frustrated one night I wanted to peel off the top of my bearded skin like it was velcro'd in or something : p ... plus side - I found I had 6 grey hairs on my beard.
Left - October 01. Right - This morning after 2 months of not shaving. Centre - stache~xperiment for 2 minutes.

Post-shave depression. I can see my double-chin again and could also feel the cool breeze hit my face, which my beard sheltered. First time I tried going this far, not too shabby. Among the 3 of us, one shaved around the 6 week mark cos of a date and the other around the 7 week mark for Thanksgiving. Mine survived the longest =_=' ... anyway, my features aren't good enough to sport just a mustache like that.


Meh at large.
Since today was the day my Girlfriend came home, I figured I’d surprise her. She loves Christmas, specifically all of the lights and Santa, so I thought I’d surprise her with some decorations. I liked how they turned out so I thought I'd share them:

^ looks pretty neat Bob, especially those round light thingies that hit the wall and look like Saturn! Snowman lights led based?

Johnstantine said:
I wish I could grow half the beard you can.

Mine, while admirable, does not have the abundance that yours provides.

I'll admit, it felt good to know it could grow that long or kinda thick in most parts. Just wish I had better features to wear the stache or keep the beard. Downside to thickness is that it's a pain in the arse to shave my face (and neck >_>) every 2 days. The convenience of not having to do that is what I'll totally miss. I accidentally ghost stroked my beard in the subway, nobody noticed *phew*


Meh at large.
IncantatioN said:
^ looks pretty neat Bob, especially those round light thingies that hit the wall and look like Saturn!

Thanks! Yes, those are my favorite. I'm probably going to buy another set of them and finishing wrapping the book case, which should also help brighten the other side of the room.

Snowman lights led based?
Yep, but they are USB powered, so I have them plugged into my router and cable box. =\
Got home around 6 AM but made sure I woke up in time to meet Santa Claus at White Castle! My weekend is now complete, listening to the new skullcast will be the icing on the cake.

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