Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition


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That sucks! It looks to me like the printer itself fucked that up on that run. You should try and return that copy and get another copy in the hopes it's cleaner.


even the horses are cut in half!
I have seen many problems with the deluxe edition on one of the fb group. Ink, pages badly crop, fake leather getting ruined super fast by just standing on the shelf.

Ive decided to delayed buying it for the moment.
Well I still like it, for the price, I'm willing to overlook some minor things. I wish I could return them, but international returns are a pain in the butt :sad:


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@Sareth brought this to my attention recently. In Deluxe Vol 5 (v13-15), Dark Horse amended their translation of the "groovy" line to "rugged," which reverses course on their inclusion of a reference to Evil Dead.


A good move, and good riddance!


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Me too! And I remember the guy that fought for that stupid line didn’t even speak Japanese. He had no business making translation suggestions.
I remember his forum posts. That's was also around the time that they started including the infamous sound effect text boxes in volumes. I really lost faith in Dark Horse at around this time, and my feelings about them have never recovered. :judo: The situation with these Deluxe Editions is not surprising at all when you know how they've treated the series in the past.
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